guided nutrition

a comprehensive nutrition program designed to take participants on a journey of Self discovery with the intention of choosing sustainable health, inside and out.


  • reveal perceived barriers
  • share history
  • determine goals
  • set timeline

Participants will meet with someone who will learn about their history, their challenges and determine eligibility along with reasonable goals and checkpoints for the mutually agreed upon plan for health.


  • define LCHFMP
  • guided grocery shopping
  • food choices & prep
  • quick references

Having completed the initial consultation, resources and interactive education along with demonstrations and guided activities will help participants learn the necessary tactics for sustainable health.


  • weekly check-ins
  • monthly conference call
  • local monthly potluck
  • social media platform

Weekly and monthly follow-up will be designed to help drive success and sustained results.  Activities and access to social media platforms focused on peer support will be provided.

Guided Nutrition is not a medical program and it is not meant to replace or serve as medical advice. We do not provide medical advice to participants or advice regarding bloodwork or medications. Participants are expected to work with their physicians to monitor any necessary bloodwork, adjust medications and troubleshoot any medical issues. If participants feel unwell at any point, they are encouraged to stop immediately and consult with their physician.