Living Prayer Ministries

… helping people remember to choose peace through authentic and meaningful connection.



Spiritual Director, Co-Founder

I was baptized and confirmed in a traditional Midwest Lutheran church. As a child, I felt very conflicted about the image of God that was instilled in me and ultimately felt fear and judgment from both God and religion in general. Being reminded that I was a “sinner” at every service, made me feel isolated and that I could never be what God wanted me to be. Yet at the same time I did feel connected to something much greater than myself, so the search began.

I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s practicing “spirituality” in many forms. I dabbled in New Age, Buddhism, and the power of intention and manifestation. During that period, I still felt there was something more, something that I was missing and when I became truly desperate I would pray to Jesus for help. I had given up on organized religion and for the most part hoped that I would be lucky.

It wasn’t until I was in the midst of my second failed marriage that I realized that I was powerless to change anything from my then perspective. That is when I prayed, mainly out of complete desperation, and my prayer went something like this: “God, I want to know you, I want peace, to be happy and feel secure, I don’t know how to get there I need your help, please show me.” Within 2 weeks of that prayer I had a “spiritual intervention” and within a month “A Course in Miracles” found me.

There is not one aspect of my life that hasn’t changed since that time 5 years ago. I now live a life guided by Love and have learned that I am innocent and free regardless of circumstances. I am devoted to connecting with Spirit and being shown the way rather than making my own way. I have gone from being a victim of the world, people or situations to knowing that I am the “decision maker” of my experience. Peace is a choice that I make.



President, Co-Founder

I was introduced to A Course in Miracles at the age of 11 and spent 5 years attending weekly group discussions with my grandmother.  During that time, I would ask questions and practice the workbook.  Although the material was way over my head, I have always felt a deep connection to the message of peace and happiness that Jesus offers in the text.  In my late teens and twenties, I spent a lot of time soul searching and tried to fill the “God-sized hole” with various external activities, relationships, chemicals, etc.  Ultimately, I discovered that there is no external solution to a problem in my thought system… so I knew that I had to turn back to Jesus.

Over the last decade, I have devoted myself to the PRACTICE of A Course in Miracles.  I have worked the workbook and studied the text and every addendum.  I see the value in questioning ALL the B.S. (belief system) and bringing any of the thoughts that don’t serve me to the Light of the Holy Spirit.  It is my work to disarm the dark!  I have worked with people in recovery, in weight loss efforts as well as men with other addictive behaviors.

Through the work of mind training and the practice of discipline, my body, and behaviors have transformed to reflect a mind more at peace.  The body has released over 110 lbs. and I have entered into a beautiful relationship that serves as a reflection of the love we all deserve.  It is my living prayer, that others are able to join me in this function and experience the same Joys I have.

Our Story

Mary and Josh Haun began their spiritual journey together in 2013. Since that time Spirit has guided them to dig deep to heal their mind and excavate old ideas and beliefs, using their relationship as the foundation of their healing. They are devoted to God and use A Course in Miracles as their path to atonement.  Ordained as ACIM Ministers in 2015, Mary and Josh are the co-founders of Living Prayer Ministries, and currently serve as the directors of the Youth and Family Ministry at Unity Center of Cedar Rapids, IA.